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CASA volunteers stand up for the rights of abused and neglected children. Appointed by judges, they ensure that the needs of these vulnerable children are heard - in the community and the courtroom.

Meet some of the young people whose lives were changed by the intervention of a CASA volunteer.

The Laker Family: Home Again

Toddler boy with longer hair in shorts and polo. Toddler girl in a pink tye die dress with blonde hair. Baby boy in a pink polo. All hugging and posed in front of the stairs.   With three kids, two-and-a-half years of service, and one CASA volunteer, the Laker family
  was reunited. It wasn't a quick or easy process, but it was ultimately a happy ending for the 
  children and their mom. 

  Read more about how a CASA volunteer helped the Laker family in their quest for reunification.


Kevin's Story: A Place Called Home

Father and son. Son sitting in fathers lap playing on ipad together.  When Kevin was just five years old, he moved into a foster home from the home of his biological
  mother. Kevin's mother had a long history of substance abuse and domestic violence issues and
  her ability to care for Kevin was severely compromised.

  Read more about how a CASA volunteer made the change in Kevin's life.


Angela: A Family Reunited

Toddler girl in a white outfit on a red background. Smiling  Two years ago, Angela was readmitted to the hospital, after several repeat visits. Doctors
  diagnosed her with malnutrition and “failure to thrive.” On this visit, she was brought into foster
  care for medical neglect.

  Read more about how a CASA volunteer made the change in Angela's life.


Michael: Finding a Way

Teen boy in shirt and tie on school campus.  Michael, the oldest of four children, had one goal - to keep his family together. He
  and his younger siblings were born to a mother who suffered from drug and alcohol

  Read more about how a CASA volunteer helped Michael find his way. 


Savannah: Hope Prevails

Teen girl with headphones standing in front of trees.  Savanna assumed the role of a parent at a very early age. Her mother -
  consumed by her addiction to alcohol and drugs - was seldom home to take care of
  Savanna and her four siblings.
  Read more about how Savannah's CASA helped her move forward.


Crow: A Family Made Whole

Toddler boy in blue shirt that is really excited.  It was a hot July night when 5-year-old Crow woke up to find his mom gone.
  Tired, thirsty, hungry, and unsure of how to care for himself he went out in search
  of food and comfort. 
  Read more about how Crow's CASA helped him reunite with his family.


Megan: A Child Finds A Home

Baby girl. Happy. Smiling.   Megan was born into a life of turmoil and chaos. With both of her parents 
  addicted to drugs, there were many times that she was not provided with the
  love and care necessary for her to thrive and grow. 
  Read more about how Megan's CASA helped her find a forever home.


Amy: Out of Darkness and Into Hope

Mom and baby daughter. Kissing.   As Amy sat on the couch, preparing herself for her final court date, she couldn't
  help but think about how far she had come. Had it really only been two years 
  since DHS came into her life and removed her daughter, Keely, from her home?
  Read more about how Amy's CASA helped her family become whole.


Natalie: A Mother Renewed

Baby girl with boy in hair. Crawling. Teddy bear.  When CASA volunteer Tammy first met Madison she was only 10 months old.
  Madison had spent her life in a home surrounded by abuse and neglect and
  was learning to adjust to a new life living with relatives. 
  Read more about how Madison's CASA helped her family heal.


Alex and Michael: Changing Together

Brothers hugging.  For most children, summertime is a time of celebration. A time to relax and
  recover from the previous year and to prepare for the next. This was not the
  case for Alex and Michael.  
  Read more about how Alex and Michael's CASA helped their family to be grow together.


Maddie's New Life

Toddler girl with hair in ponytail.  To the naked eye three-year-old Maddie* looks like your average toddler.
  She is happy, healthy, and fully of life. But Maddie is anything but average. 
  Maddie was born into a life of chaos. At just six-months old, she was admitted
  Read more about how Maddie's CASA helped to bridge the divide for Maddie. 


Skyler and Dayton: A Family Made Whole

Girl and boy siblings hugging.  Skyler (10) and Dayton (7) were entering a whole new world; new homes,
  new schools, new everything. Removed from their mother due to her 
  overwhelming drug addiction, Skyler and Dayton found themselves separated.
  Read more about how the kid's CASA helped to change their family forever.


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