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A Family Reunited

Monday, Dec 18, 2017

Toddler girl in pigtails. Happy


Two years ago, Angela was readmitted to the hospital, after several repeat visits. Doctors diagnosed her with malnutrition and “failure to thrive.” On this visit, she was brought into foster care for medical neglect. Doctors, nurses, caseworkers—everyone—had lost patience with Angela’s mom, Ruth.

When Brad was appointed as Angela’s CASA volunteer, he went to Ruth’s home to show her the court order and explain his role. Because he was able to devote the time and attention to Angela and Ruth, Brad realized something everyone else had missed: Angela’s mom couldn’t read. Without knowing it, she had been watering down Angela’s baby formula to make the most of her limited resources.

“The lens changed about how we saw this mom,” said Brad. “When everyone working the case realized Ruth’s circumstances were preventing her from being a good parent, our approach changed. It was very clear to me that Ruth loved Angela very much, and I fought to make sure Angela could go home.”

Brad advocated for Ruth to receive literacy services and parent education classes, paving the way for Angela and Ruth to be together this holiday season, for the first time in two years.

“All families have a story. As CASA volunteers, we get to learn their story, and we get to be a part of it,” said Brad. “Helping mend families, that’s what makes the CASA program special.”

Many more families are spending the holidays apart this year. By becoming a CASA volunteer, you can help to ensure that children find a home for the Holidays and every day after. 


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