Oklahoma, CASA for Children, Inc.

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Our Casa for Children staff is a group of passionate individuals committed to advocating for the well-being of children in our community. With diverse backgrounds and expertise in child welfare, education, and social work, our team works tirelessly to ensure that each child we serve receives the support and care they deserve. Get to know the faces behind our mission and discover the heartwarming stories of how our staff members make a difference in the lives of children every day.


Suzanne Hughes Executive Director Headshot 

   Suzanne Hughes
   Executive Director



Susie Massey Program Manager Headshot


   Susie Massey
   Program Manager



Jenny Crosby Training and Outreach Coordinator. Headshot.


   Jenny Crosby
   Training and Outreach Coordinator



Megan Yocham Volunteer Coordinator - Headshot


   Megan Yocham
   Muskogee and Wagoner County Volunteer Coordinator




Laci Strickland Volunteer Coordinator Headshot


   Laci Strickland
   Muskogee and Wagoner County Volunteer Coordinator



Debby Bades Volunteer Coordinator Headshot


   Debby Bates
   Sequoyah County Volunteer Coordinator