Oklahoma, CASA for Children, Inc.

Stories of Hope: A Mother Renewed

Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021

Baby girl with bow. Crawling.

When CASA volunteer Tammy* first met Madison* she was only 10 months old. Madison had spent her life in a home surrounded by abuse and neglect and was learning to adjust to a new life living with relatives. In the arms of her grandmother, Madison began to thrive. She was developing beautifully and loved showing off all the things she was learning during her monthly visits with Tammy.

What Madison loved most was her visits with her parents. Madison loves books and her favorite pastime was being read to by her mother, Natalie*. These visits were the highlight of the week for both Madison and her mom. 

Natalie had not always been this way. She loved her children greatly, but the anxiety and depression that she felt had become overwhelming and made it impossible for her to function as an effective parent. She struggled daily with her mental health. 

CASA and DHS encouraged Natalie, reminding her of the parenting classes and mental health treatments that would help her to find a new normal. CASA was active in finding new ways for Natalie to cope with stress and anxiety, helping her become the type of parent Madison needed.

Natalie, alongside her husband, worked hard. The couple completed parenting classes, counseling services, found jobs, and never missed a visit with their daughter. 

Madison is now back home with her parents and thriving in her new environment. 

Natalie, too, is thriving and credits this difficult process for where she is today. The encouraging words and support from CASA and DHS helped Natalie to learn about herself allowing her to be happier, stronger, and a more confident mother and wife. 

*names and pictures altered for confidentiality