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Kevin's Story: A Placed Called Home

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Dad and son playing on ipad.


When Kevin was just five years old, he moved into a foster home from the home of his biological mother. Kevin's mother had a long history of substance abuse and domestic violence issues and her ability to care for Kevin was severely compromised. To regain custody of Kevin, she began a rehabilitation program, but her progress was slow.

Also addicted to drugs and alcohol, Kevin's father, Michael, lived in a sober living facility after completing an inpatient rehab program. He immediately began working hard to gain custody of Kevin.

Kevin struggled in his foster home while waiting to be reunited with his parents. His behaviors at home and school could be challenging to control. Although he was on ADHD medication, the dosage didn't seem to be helping. Vickie, Kevin's CASA volunteer, advocated many times to ensure he received the proper testing and diagnosis so that his medication could be adjusted accordingly.

Michael eventually left sober living which allowed Kevin to return home to his father. Even though Kevin's behavioral problems continued at times, the therapies and medications Vickie advocated for throughout the case helped him better control his actions and adapt to new circumstances and opportunities.

Vickie was pleased to recommend case closure allowing Kevin to remain at home with his father. Kevin's mother continues to work on her plan and also works with Michael to visit  Kevin in a supervised setting.

Bridging the divide between foster care and reunification can be challenging and rewarding. More CASA volunteers, like Vickie, are needed to advocate for children who enter the child welfare system; to help ensure they have the best opportunity to thrive. Volunteer Today!