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Wednesday, Feb 6, 2019


Conversation Hearts-Be My CASA


What's red, pink, and chocolate all over? Valentine's Day, of course!


While February 14th is traditionally a day for sweethearts, it is also an opportunity to help those in need; a chance to get creative and be a part of something bigger. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about couples. Everyone can use this day to spread love in all of their relationships. Whether you are single, dating, or married, you can give the best gift this year by giving back to your community.


Make Valentine's Day a little sweeter this year by spending time volunteering and giving back with the ones you love.


Send a Valentine to someone who won't expect it.

Valentine's and love notes aren't just for secret crushes. This year, send one to someone you think could use a pick-me-up. For the low, low price of some construction paper, markers, stickers, and glue, you can easily (and creatively) send a thoughtful note to a sick child, veteran, senior citizen, or even a lonely neighbor. 


Give a gift that means more.

Give your significant other a gift that benefits a good cause. Make a charitable donation in their name or purchase this year's gift from Gifts for Good and let your gift give back to those in need.


Remember our military.

Don't forget to remember our military men and women serving overseas who aren't able to spend the day with their loved ones. Send a package; a simple letter or gift box to show you care.


Give a book, or two, or three...

Did you know that February 14th is also International Book Giving Day? That's right! With your help, local libraries, schools, hospitals, and shelters can help foster the love of reading in a child or adult.


Send a love letter.

This Valentine's Day spread the love by sending a love letter...not to your partner, but to other people and organizations in your life that you value. Tell them why they matter. Let them know what they mean to you and how much you love them.


Make a date out of volunteering.

Few things bring people closer together than volunteering. You get to do something new and feel all the warm fuzzies you get from helping others. Studies show that giving back can have a significant impact on your health as well. Giving back lowers blood pressure, increases self-esteem, lessens the effects of depression and stress, and promotes happier lives.



This Valentine's Day, think outside the box of what others can do for you and consider what an impact you can make by doing for others through expressions of love and appreciation. Doing good can happen anytime, or anywhere. So consider skipping some of the candy this year and instead, spearhead a charitable Valentine's Day initiative that helps everyone.


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