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Five Little Lambs

Thursday, Jun 15, 2017

 kids jumping - story of hope


This is the story of the "5 Little Lambs”. These little lambs (ages 4-12) were as cute as could be. After being removed from their home several times due to abuse and neglect these cute little lambs were forced to be separated from one another. It was apparent from the start that they had dealt with a tremendous amount of change and trauma. Nine months after the children were removed from their home the Judge ordered a CASA volunteer, Carrie Rolf, be assigned to the case.

From the start, there were many people involved in the process of finding these children the permanency they deserved. The parents - though they loved their children - had a great deal to overcome in order to be able to resolve the issues that caused these little lambs to be removed. Both parents worked side by side with caseworkers and the CASA volunteer, taking the necessary steps to improve their situation in an effort to get their children back as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, all five children were able to be placed in a foster home that could accommodate their large family, allowing for their continued growth and development.

Because of the drastic improvements made by both parents, more frequent visits with the children were soon granted. After 19 months in foster care, these 5 Little Lambs were reunited with their parents - who were now dedicated to providing the safety and security that their children needed.

CASA Volunteers serve abused and neglected children in their communities to ensure that their needs are met. They are ordinary community members doing extraordinary things for our most vulnerable children. A huge thank you to Carrie for being such a strong support system for these children along the way!



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