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Do Something Nice Day

Tuesday, Oct 5, 2021

You probably don't need an excuse to make your friends and family smile, but National Do Something Nice Day give you the perfect opportunity. 


This holiday (celebrated on October 5th) encourages us to engage in acts of kindness for strangers AND those we love!


It's really easy to get caught up in our own life and struggle and to forget to show kindness to others. This holiday is a great reminder that even the small things can make the world a better place - for you and for those you help!


Girl and Boy. Skateboard. Aesop. Do Something Nice.


Here are just a few ways you can give back on Do Something Nice Day: 


1. Compliment Someone: An unexpected compliment has the power to completely change someone's day. Compliment their outfit, how well they did on a project or assignment, or even on their mad friendship skills. 


2. Check in with a Call: Call someone you care about, just to let them know you are thinking about them and to tell them what they mean to you. Can't squeeze in a full call, maybe just send a sweet "Thinking of You" text with a cute picture. Your simple words could shine a light on a dark day. 


3. Offer a Hand: Helping someone in their time of need. Offer a friend a ride, or maybe some advice. Take on a little extra work to help lessen the load of a co-worker. Don't take on more than you can handle, but even a little help goes a long way. 


4. Smile: Make a conscious effort to smile throughout the day. Your good move can drastically improve the mood of others. Plus, who doesn't like being smiled at? And, smiles are contagious!


5. Support a Cause: There are hundreds of non-profit organizations (like CASA) in your community that could use your help. Donating money or services to these organizations will help to plant seeds of hope that can grow throughout your whole community. 


6. VOLUNTEER: Get involved in a local organization in your community. Having trouble deciding how or where to volunteer? Consider your skills and how you can use them to help others. We always have a great need for volunteers advocates to speak up for the needs of our communities most vulnerable children. Today is the perfect day to get started on your journey!


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